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 Ladies, when we feel a man, we feel him from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet! Just know that…

A REAL man assists you with discovering the seductive side of your personality

A REAL man instinctively knows when you need his support

A REAL man loves you from the inside out

A REAL man is comfortable loving you privately and publicly

A REAL man is an unselfish lover and an unselfish friend

A REAL man will accept yet enhance who you are

A REAL man will be honest, reliable and faithful; not just to himself but you as well

A REAL man will represent you and him with dignity and respect at all times

Ladies, a REAL man is not hard to find, you probably need to change your criteria.

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Greatest True Love Ballads

The Closer I Get To You By Ms Roberta Flack and Mr Donny Hathaway

Listen here

If This World Were Mine Mr Luther Vandross and Ms Cheryl Lynn

Listen here

Your My Latest, Greatest Inspiration By Mr. Teddy Pendergrass

Listen here

Stop playin’! ‘Cause I Love You By Mr. Lenny Williams Lenny is in love I mean he is in deep!

Listen here

I Can’t Sleep Baby (If I) By R. Kelly so many more to choose from but this is one of my favorites!

Listen here

I Gotta Be By Jagged Edge

Listen here

Comfort of  A Man By Stephanie Mills one of the greatest vocalist of our time hands down!

Listen here

All That I Am By Joe 

Listen here

The Truth By India Arie

Listen here

Love by Musiq SoulChild unconditional love, does this exist nowadays?

Listen here


Honorable Mentions

Someone to Love By Jon B. & BabyFace

Listen here

Angel of Mine By Monica

Listen here

With You By Chris Brown he had me with “You’re like Jordans on Saturday…” I remember just how much quarterly Jordan releases meant to all the guys I grew up with!

Listen here

We Should Be By Trey Songz Trey’s songs will be featured in my Sexiest Songs Post! 😉

Listen here

If I missed anything, let me know. After all that is what the comment section is for! LOL

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J-Rich – Fresh New Hip Hop Talent

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the music industry. We can’t afford to keep fresh new talent hidden instead we need to do everything we can to expose them to the masses. J-Rich is an upcoming Hip Hop artist determined to create an authentic Hip Hop base in his hometown Toronto, Canada. Music today has become so mundane, even predictable so J-Rich’s arrival is greatly anticipated. J-Rich is bringing a fresh and fun approach to Hip Hop that is well overdue.

J-Rich began performing at age 15 with Block 13 Kidz before stepping out on his own to create and share the music in his soul. He often collaborates with other Canadian Artists to accomplish his of goal of officially putting Toronto on the music scene.

J-Rich’s flow, catchy phrases and overall appearance is often compared to his favorite Hip Hop artist Fabolous. To date, J-Rich has released two mixtapes “Damage Control” and “Rich in a Recession”. He is currently working on his third soon to be released mixtape “J-Rich Meets OT”. J-Rich is just 20 years young and still learning how to maneuver in the music industry but his great work ethic and raw talent will take him as far as he is willing to go.

Most impressive is J-Rich’s dedication and willingness to grind hard to make his long time dream quickly become reality. My favorite songs to date are Real Rap Part II and Fireworks. J-Rich’s music is rekindling my love affair with Hip Hop; a beautiful experience. J-Rich is proving to be a good look and just what we need to help revive the music we used to cherish, Hip Hop.

Check Out this Hot Track—>>> INTERGALATIC by J-Rich

Visit these sites to experience J-Rich’s music




Keep in touch on Twitter: JRichTO

A Few Facts About J- Rich

Favorite Hip Hop Artist: Fabolous

Album He’s Most Inspired By: Real Talk by Fabolous

Favorite Creative Space – Any Quiet Room

Best Spot In Toronto: 1 King West Hotel J-Rich retreats to this here for his birthday each year. “Reminds me that even Kings need to take time off to enjoy life.”

In His Spare Time: He writes music, links up with friends and gives his PS3 a serious workout! Gaming is his second love…

Ideal Woman: Confident, smart and adventurous. She will also respect what he is building with his music.

J-Rich Gives Special Thanks to:

Aquarius Production (record label in Ottawa, Canada)

U3A (local Canadian artists)

Proverbs (His Hip Hop mentor)

“Shout out to everyone in Toronto supporting my music.”


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State of Hip Hop I by Dedaman313

As i sit here watchin hip hop diminish , replenish ,diminish & replenish ( unstable), I wonder……..??????

I just wanna take the time to breakdown some of your favorite artist ……

1. Lil Wayne

Best Rapper Alive? (did jay-z die?)

I personally think wayne is an awesome rapper!!!! (now pay attention kids)

New day , New drink right ? My definition of what qualifies an artist to be the best may differ from a lot of yours.

Back to Lil wayne , Swag… yes , Energy… yes , Wordplay… yes . I think he needs to concentrate more on making sense a lot of the time. To most, this is over shadowed by the energy & the swag , and when i say wordplay i mean the art of skilled and somewhat complex rhyming . No doubt he flooded the mixtape circuit & with some heat too, I might add . The only thing now was would the album live up to the hype ?

The Carter 3 debuted at #1 as expected & is a pretty entertaining album !! Classic? Well if we are going by where the bar is set ( first week sales ) from the likes of Doggystyle, Get Rich or Die Trying etc. Which also did a mil+ its first week,then maybe. (Here comes the curve) So this is what its come too ? First week sales & sounds can determines what is a classic album now ? Imma be brutally honest, Wayne is a GREAT RAPPER! An Above average MC & a poor songwriter . He is such a good rapper that he gets away with babbling a lot of the time ! Again the energy ,the swag veers u away from the fact that there is no substance the majority of the time . I think Cash Money/Universal did the ultimate marketing/anticipation since Doggystyle! Not to take away from the albums credibility or anything (I personally like tha Carter 2 a lot better). I just feel the need to get something out of a song & i dont get that from wayne most of the time . On the song “A MillI” , am i the only one that realizes that it’s not even a song for real ? That it’s just a hot freestyle ? At the end of it can anyone on earth tell me what the joint was about ? That’s my only critique on him really . Regardless, he has made a lot of money & has a bright future ahead of him . (Stay Tuned….. next week its Nas’)

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Once Invisible, Now Apparent

I listen; slightly more than hearing

I watch; slightly more than seeing

I understand; slightly more than knowing

I feel; slightly more than being affected

I have changed; more than you will want to experience

The butterfly has emerged; ready for new experiences

Such a shame you did not appreciate me when I was willing to give you my all

Don’t bother now, it’s too late; I’m already gone…

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My heart burns with desire and hate

It dances with jealousy and rage.

I cannot explain these feelings

They are controlling me.

Even though I try to forget

To try to bury them away, they just

Manage to find a way to the surface again.

When I look into my own soul

I see fire and coal and I aspire to

Have a face again

This mask of aggression is stuck to my face.

Unbreakable, I struggle to find a place of my own in a lonely world.

 I see no reflection in the mirror so,

I cannot break away from this heart breaking


Of imprisonment and judgment

I struggle to stay alive.

I Try to crack the mask that seems unbreakable.

It is hard to breathe the beat of my heart jumps and skips with panic

I am trap within this mask of darkness.

Sinking deeper into the dark my memories fade away.

I drop down to my knees and screamed to be saved!

I have no energy with any clear thoughts,

I go into deep prayer to confess my sins and to admit that I am lost.

My eyes become heavy as I talk, my heartbeat slows down and I cannot walk then I fall down on the ground.

I thought that was the end

Moments later, I wake up gasping for air. Something was different

The Unbreakable mask I live with for so long shattered into a million micro pieces.

I felt my face for the first time in a long time. My mind was clear and only happiness ran through my

 Blood I have a second chance from this unbreakable mask