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I Need You to Listen…

I need your input, I can’t make this work on my own…I need you to listen.

I can’t completely open my heart to you if we don’t connect…I need you to listen.

I will shut down and give up if we cannot communicate…I need you to listen.

I need you to understand how your words and actions evoke my emotions…I need you to listen.

My best friend should know the difference between my needs and wants…I need you to listen.

I will not bombard you as soon as you walk in but at some point…I need you to listen.

I’m sexually insatiable and passionate, I need you to match my intensity…I need you to listen.

I want our union to be everlasting, I don’t want to walk away…I need you to listen.

I’ve been attentive with you but at this very moment…I need you to listen.

A successful relationship requires effective communication. Communication is a two-way process; you must share, listen and do both well. Most people are not good listeners which leads to failed communication. Break the cycle…become a great listener.


P.S. This poem was first released and feature on Author Jonell George’s Blog check it out

Smooches ~SNS~


SereneNSassySoul is a Whole Healing practice inspiring SELF-love, SELF-compassion and SELF-empowerment. My specialty is assisting Beautiful Spirits with listening to the messages of their Heart, their Soul by releasing energetic stagnation and residue that tends to hold us back from living the very best life intended for us to live.

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