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I’ve Learned…

I’ve learned to reflect and find strength from within

I’ve learned to share parts of me that will not leave me vulnerable

I’ve learned to remove negative people from my life…they’ve lost the privilege

I’ve learned that solid relationships cannot be sustained by me alone

I’ve learned that everyone will not feel as deeply as I do

I’ve learned that I do not “fit in”; it’s really what makes me who I am

I’ve learned to trust my intuition implicitly because it has never led me down a wrong path

I’ve learned patience and spirituality which helps me make genuine connections

I’ve learned to no longer hold myself to high standards while accepting less from others

I’ve learned that your opinion of me belongs to you; I will not accept it…good or bad

I’ve learned that I cannot lead unless I am balanced mind, body and spirit

I’ve learned to embrace and appreciate all that living life has to offer


Once afraid of being AUTHENTICALLY me, now I love who I am and those who want to love me will accept me as I am.

SNS 08/2012