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Eyes Wide Open…

I find myself longing to hear his voice

I find myself immersed in his words; the feelings that he shares

I find myself thinking of being in his arms; being comforted by his touch

I find myself smiling just by visualizing his smile

I find myself inhaling his scent even when he is not present…


I want to talk with him; share my deepest feelings

I want to be engulfed by the love he claims to have for me

I want to feel all of him entwined with all of me

I want to trust him; believe in his words

I want to return his adoration; his free expression

I want to let go of the past; create a flow of our own…


My Heart says…it feels right; it wants what it wants

My Intuition is steady; resisting and protecting

My Heart is not capable of making decisions; it does not examine all aspects

My Intuition…she is the caretaker and examines all

For now Intuition wins and I will proceed with caution

If it is meant to be…it will certainly be; what is meant for you cannot be tampered with


Here’s to love…EYES WIDE OPEN!


Love, Peace & Smooches…

SNS 12/26/12





SereneNSassySoul is a Whole Healing practice inspiring SELF-love, SELF-compassion and SELF-empowerment. My specialty is assisting Beautiful Spirits with listening to the messages of their Heart, their Soul by releasing energetic stagnation and residue that tends to hold us back from living the very best life intended for us to live.

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