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Affirmation 03/27/13

Sensual Mystiq Vibe

I am here to fulfill my purpose and everything will unfold as it is destined to be.

Don’t stress figuring out everything to the smallest detail; keep your faith strong, walk in YOUR happiness and everything will flow into place.

Wishing you a most peaceful and productive YOU ARE WORTHY Wednesday.

Love, Peace & Blessings…


Universe Sharing Energy


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Profound Loneliness…

You are screaming inside and no one can hear youimages (1)

Your heart aches and nothing can soothe you

You are more than capable yet success is elusive

You want to reach out but each time you try anxiety tightens around your neck

Your faith is strong but despair seems stronger; perhaps you feel undeserving of true happiness

You seem to have answers for everyone yet no resolution for your struggleslonliness

You always seem so close yet so far; your energy is depleting steadily

Your introversion makes you a prisoner; incapable of embracing new life and opportunities

Your cries for help are silenced; you’ve made your voice almost inaudible

Your exterior smile is a front so no one knows your spirit is broken

Unable to trust, unsure of what lies ahead you wonder what will eradicate this profound loneliness.


SNS 03/22/13