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Her and His Perspective…

We all have questions that we need answers to at some point. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another perspective? How about Her and His perspectives? Send us your questions and we will provide you with answers about life, love and anything else on your mind. YOU are never alone and it’s always helpful to have unbiased guidance.

Join SereneNSassySoul and Mr. Turn It Up each Wednesday beginning April 24, 2013 as we provide guidance for thoughts stirring your mind, body and spirit.

Please submit your thoughts/questions to by Friday and answers will be posted the following Wednesday of each week (please note posting will depend on submission volume). We will not publish your name; just initials or you can use an alias.

We are looking forward to connecting with you. Love, Peace & Smooches…

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SereneNSassySoul is a Whole Healing practice inspiring SELF-love, SELF-compassion and SELF-empowerment. My specialty is assisting Beautiful Spirits with listening to the messages of their Heart, their Soul by releasing energetic stagnation and residue that tends to hold us back from living the very best life intended for us to live.

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