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Take It Back Thursday 04/25/13

spiritual releaseToday I have asked for clarity to figure out what I should do about the one thing that is still “hanging over” my head. I refuse to stress about” it” any longer, I refuse to fight” it” any longer, I refuse to think of ways to repay “it” for benefiting from my sacrifices  yet offering nothing in return. I simply want to disconnect and leave” it” in the past where” it” belongs. It sounds simple however “it” has been a part of me for several years therefore it’s not so simple to just let “it” go…or is it really just that simple?

How difficult is it to let something go that no longer serves your greatest purpose? If you have headache, you do something to relieve the pain; shouldn’t we apply the same to life occurrences?

I’ve decided to take back my power from “it” and anything else that I may have inadvertently given my power to. I will no longer be miserable, distressed or diseased due to the words or actions of others. On this day I reclaim my independence, my power and the ability to create my peace and happiness. As the Full Moon approaches this afternoon, I will purge negative energy and feelings, I will not allow my mind to replay hurtful events, and I will not worry what effects disconnecting from “it” may bring.

pheonix risingI will simply love myself enough to know that disconnecting from “it” is clearly what must be done; I’ve been procrastinating far too long. My passion for helping others, determination to live abundantly (mind, body & spirit) and unwavering faith will guide my present and future.

Join me on this Take It Back Thursday; take back your power, relight your fire and build your happiness. After all, it really is just as simple as taking the first step.

Wishing you a day filled with harmony and smiles.

Love, Peace & Blessings…