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Gray and Uninspired…

uninspiredI’m feeling gray…blah…uninspired…lethargic…bored…and probably anything else synonymous with the aforementioned words. I’ve been wishing for something “magical” to happen but I don’t have a clue as to what I want it to be. I want to experience life but don’t know where or how to begin. I want things to change but I don’t know specifically what I want to change.

Someone asked me “If you could do anything at all worry-free what would it be?” guess what, I searched for an answer and could not come up with anything. I know I want things to change but that is as far as my list goes. I want to meet new people, learn new things, have new experiences but I’m so lifeless and don’t have the energy to begin.

The great news…I am NOT depressed or anxious; I’m simply uninspired.How can I “fix” what I cannot identify? I’m looking all over for inspiration; looking for the light bulb to light up but nothing is happening…the “room” is still dim.

When I am creating my energy level is high but unfortunately I have a “regular job” which is unfulfilling and it seems to be “stealing” my energy. After years of giving so many so much of myself, perhaps I should have saved something for myself!

I can’t change the past but I can certainly change my present…Problem is there is not one thing I can follow consistently; it all becomes boring after a while.

Guess I’ll just keep digging…

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