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Bones & Booth

I’ve been searching for something better than Bonnie & Clyde since they were a bit violent. A duo that has each other’s back no matter what they face. They care about one another deeply and share a world that no one else is a part of; genuine unconditional love so rare in the world we live in. I’ve always wanted to be someone’s Bonnie and have them be my Clyde but my search has been unsuccessful.

Lately I’ve been addicted to television series Bones (I rarely watch television unless it’s football season). I can identify with character Angela Montenegro; free spirit, creative and compassionate. I love all of the characters for the most part but Angela is closest to who I am. What I enjoy most about this show is the relationship shared by Bones and Booth. It was rough in the beginning but they truly compliment and balance each other. Their connection is amazing and it’s quite interesting to watch their interactions. I get that it’s only a television show but the entire show is fascinating and well written.Bones and Booth

Now instead of Bonnie searching for Clyde, I’m Bones (well sort of LoL) searching for Booth. Someone who is strong, intelligent, supportive, loyal and will accept me just as I am; I will reciprocate the same.

Most people often wish for a good man/woman but have difficulty creating a definition of what a good man/woman is; I can honestly say I am half way there thanks to Bones & Booth. Hey inspiration comes in many forms and sometimes you just have to go with it!

Here I go out into the world in search of my very own Booth!

Love, Peace & Blessings…