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Happy FAB Friday 06/28/13

I began this day opening and aligning my Chakras to ensure peace and balance throughout my day.

balancing chakras







What tools do you use to make sure your day is peaceful so you can accomplish your personal/professional goals?

It’s so important to have something meaningful to YOU that you can use to help you restore balance should you lose it. Something that comes from within yourself that can calm your nerves and restore your energy so you can re-focus and move forward.

It can be anything at all; there are no guidelines. Take a moment to think of something you can use (it doesn’t have to physical) to help you release what does not serve your highest purpose and will return you to a peaceful state.

restoring personal inner peace






Share your thoughts; perhaps there are others who need your guidance. 🙂

Love, Peace & Blessings…



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Harmony Intention…

Dearest Great Divine Spirits…

please lend me courage and strength to detached from things I cannot change,

wisdom and determination to transform things within my power to change,

most of all great intuition to distinguish one from the other.


Harmony is an essential ingredient in growth and well-being.


With great love and appreciation…

release intentions

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What the hell was I thinking?!?

I was so sure I wanted to be a freelance writer so I began looking for gigs; even landed a few. I love a challenge, never have a problem adhering to deadlines and I have no greater love than writing so this should have been a piece of cake right? WRONG! Writing as a “job” sucks! Their rules, their topics, their deadlines; writing as a “job” is regimented and I write when my spirit is touched…what I feel. I don’t feel something I can put into words every day and I certainly don’t feel anything about a topic someone else chooses. Seems I forgot that in school I always protested against paper topics chosen by my teachers/professors and often talked them into giving me a chance to meet their standards writing about something that resonated with me. While I wasn’t always successful making them see things my way…I am proud to say that most times I was allowed to write “my way”.

write from your heartSo what made me think I could write for someone else years later…perhaps feeling a desperate need to build readership? Lesson learned…anything done out of desperation almost never turns out the way you “need” it to! Make no mistake, I am not bitter because I was rejected; on the contrary the writing pieces I’ve submitted were well received but freelance writing is just not for me. I’d rather write from my heart, write about what stirs my spirit and have readers who can relate to or at least feel what I am writing. I love writing because it is the purest form of expression for an introvert like me; how can I ever let someone dictate what I write about?

Follow your passion…something I believe in completely so I’ve decided to publish a novel I’ve been writing for the past few years. I will also continue to write poetic verses and share empowering posts. I am in control and I will become as successful as I wish to be. I am confident and will be true to my craft so enjoy my words or keep it moving…

To everyone taking time to read my words and/or share your thoughts…please know that I genuinely appreciate you!

Love, Peace & Blessings…

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Dating with Confidence/Knowing Your Worth

This is my first freelance post for I’d love for you to check this out and share your thoughts. 🙂

Confindence Level BuidlingHave you ever felt like without him/her your life has no meaning? Does her/his opinion of you mean more than how you see yourself? Do you often sacrifice your wants/needs for the sake of pleasing him/her? If you’ve answered yes to any of these statements, it’s time to re-elevate your self-esteem. If you don’t love yourself, do not expect anyone else to love you; clichĂ© perhaps but true nonetheless.

A dating prospect will be attracted to someone who exudes self-confidence; if you believe you look great, they will think you look great. When you walk into a room with your head held high, people notice and they want to know who you are. Think of dating same as the Law of Attraction…what you put out, you will get back.

Here are a few tips to build and sustain your confidence as well as help you attract a worthy partner.

Never be anything less than authentically you; no one can do it better. Love and accept yourself just as you are and he/she will do the same.

Discover what makes you happy and build on it. When you are happy it shows and your “light” will attract potential partners who will add to not subtract from your happiness.

Never compare yourself to anyone; not ever! You are wonderful and beautiful and have so much to offer…own it!

If you are not already one, become a good listener; it’s better to be interested instead of interesting. Pay attention to what your potential partner is saying so you can digest and dissect to learn more about her/him. What you learn will determine if you want to see him/her again or decide there is no connection and you should move on to the next prospect.

Dating Molds with HeartAlways take pride in your appearance including hygiene! When you leave your home no matter where you are set to go, be sure to look your best. Your best does not translate into designer brands simply be neat and clean (hair, nails, feet shoes/sneakers etc.).

Pay close attention to your intuition; it will never steer you wrong. If there is “something about” her/him, or you get a weird feeling this is your intuition warning you that this person is not the one; don’t waste time with someone who does not resonate with your spirit.

We all have items that are “must haves” in a partner as well as “deal breakers”. Just be sure each item on your list has real value and that you are not expecting more from your potential partner than what you have to offer. For example expecting him/her to be wealthy yet you are irresponsible with your finances and drowning in debt; you expect to attract what you believe is a 10 yet you are a 5 (inside and out). Be fair with your assessment and remember first impressions do not provide a full view of who she/he is.

You have plenty of time to settle down. Enjoy yourself and get to know what you really want in a mate, be patient and most of all NEVER SETTLE!

Love, Peace & Blessings…