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Emotional Healing

Recently I was able to achieve closure with someone who has always had a strong hold on me. With her I’ve always felt as though I was cheated out of the love I know I am worthy of; support and encouragement I’ve always longed for. I’ve always wondered how I could be who I am yet she is who she is; my polar opposite.

When I think of how much time I wasted seeking validation from this person and believing I was never enough, I am disappointed with myself. When I think of always (before now) being afraid to be my authentic self because it meant being extremely different from her, I am disappointed with myself. When I think of how her low self-esteem and almost non-existent self-worth adversely affected me and made me feel the same about myself, I am disappointed with myself.

As disappointed as I am with myself, I realize that I was not equipped to identify what I’ve just shared before now so how can I blame myself? I should have never considered anyone else’s thoughts or actions as part of my own. I’ve always been independent and a leader therefore no one should have been allowed to make me feel less than worthy; less than whole. I am responsible for my life same as you and how dare we allow anyone else to dictate how we should feel or what we should do.

emotional Healing

I don’t blame this person and now I am able to accept her for who she is; not good, bad or indifferent but someone who loves me as best as she can. Sometimes you have to just KNOW and accept what is and leave the rest alone. I now understand that people can only love us as best as they can; not as we love them or expect them to love us but as they are able to love us.

A wise woman recently said to me, “You have power; never let anyone take that away from you. You are a fool to let that happen!” Her profound wisdom has enabled me to find my way again and as she advised, I will never give my personal power away ever again; not ever. If you feel like you are not empowered, I implore you to take steps to reclaim your power and to never give it away again. You are not alone; I will walk beside you offering encouragement, love, acceptance and non-judgment.

I am authentically…SereneNSassySoul.

Love, Peace & Blessings…


SereneNSassySoul is a Whole Healing practice inspiring SELF-love, SELF-compassion and SELF-empowerment. My specialty is assisting Beautiful Spirits with listening to the messages of their Heart, their Soul by releasing energetic stagnation and residue that tends to hold us back from living the very best life intended for us to live.

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