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Courage & Trust…

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits,

I just figured out that we should have weekly affirmations; allowing time to truly apply each of them. I will post an affirmation for us to apply to our lives each week until it becomes a habit.

This week’s affirmation:

I am courageous and I trust myself.

We often second guess our decisions because of what we’ve been taught or because of other people’s thoughts/feelings. When you second guess yourself you go against your intuition; when you go against your intuition things don’t turn out as they should.

Personally I can share that each time I’ve gone against my intuition, chaos has followed shortly thereafter. Your intuition will never direct you down the wrong path; it comes from the deepest part of you and is the one thing you can always trust.


Fear leads you to believe that life should be hard and nothing worth fighting for is worth having. Fear also prevents you from fulfilling your dreams because it’s never the right time; there’s never enough money; what will so and so think? Taking steps to fulfill your dreams instead of going through life “just getting by” takes courage.

Courage is more than defending yourself if someone is disrespectful towards you or someone you love; courage is about being your authentic self and honoring yourself each moment. Courage is loving and accepting yourself unconditionally; allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to experience new things that will help you fulfill your divine purpose.

Together we will practice being courageous and trusting ourselves implicitly; no excuses just do it!

Today and each day I send great Love, Peace & Courage to anyone experiencing internal chaos.

As always, wishing you all Love, Peace & many Blessings…



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