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Beautiful Again…

So amazing how beautiful everything becomes when you relax your mind and allow your spirit to flow with the boundless energy that is The Universe.

peace of mind

Snow falling and covering the trees is beautiful again

Awakening with the Sun is beautiful again

Birds singing at dawn is beautiful again

Melody of raindrops is beautiful again

A stranger’s smile is beautiful again

Falling asleep to the Moon’s glow is beautiful again

My heart is filled with love and compassion, my spirit knowing and courageous and all is beautiful again.

SereneNSassy Soul


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I miss you…

your smile; warm and uplifting

your eyes; kind and compassionate

your voice, sweet and seductive

your words; inspiring and comfortingMIssin you tears

your wisdom; enlightening and encouraging

your rhythm; effortless and sensual

Your internal chaos has swept you away

Your inner peace has been shatter…yet again

Your anger is disguising the REAL you

Even so…

I know you; I know your heart

At this moment you are not your true self

You are wounded; in need of deep healing

I believe in you; who you are authentically

You are courageous; trust yourself

Be the beautiful spirit you were born to be and leave the rest behind…

I love you; I miss you…please come back soon.

SereneNSassy Soul © 2013

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How do you let go…

…when they’ve been a part of your life since inception but they are inadvertently toxic?

…when you are afraid of being alone?

…when you fear you won’t be enough without it?

…when you KNOW the one you love will never love you the way you deserve to be loved?

…when you want to nurture and protect them forever?

…when you finally understand “its” been holding you back; blocking your peace and happiness?

…when YOU are standing in your way?

…when it’s all you’ve known before now?

…when “it” was never really yours?

…when you want badly to move on…

Change is essential; yes even when it’s uncomfortable

Let go and grow…

SereneNSassy Soul 

© 2013

Wishing you great Love, Courage and many Blessings…


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Raise Up!

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits and Happy FAB Friday!

Are you unhappy about how your life is versus how you wish it could be? Are you still closed to change? Are you still longing for something better but you have not made any moves towards whatever your vision of “better” is? Are you still uncomfortable being who you are authentically because you are afraid of what “they” might think? Are you still “saving” everyone else and leaving little or nothing for yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions..I implore you to switch gears immediately! Change can be scary but isn’t wondering “what if” far more frightening?

As Ledisi states in her inspiring song “Higher Than This“: “…take a step back and edit yourself; there’s a hero in you waiting to happen make the choice to take a chance and save yourself…”

Here is a song that resonates with me so much and I listen to it often Raise Up! by Ledisi…especially on the “less than good” days. I hope it inspires you to be courageous while creating the life you deserve; enjoy!

As always wishing you Love, Peace & Blessings…

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