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He is NOW…

His hands protect and comfort 

Your hands abused and instilled fear

 His words encourage and inspire

Your words degraded and wounded

 His heart is loving and loyal

Your heart…cold and deceitful Brown Love

 His eyes are kind and soulful

Your eyes…distant and unfocused

 He is confident and thoughtful

You…insecure and selfish

 He listens and is supportive 

You…spiteful and jealous

 He stirs my mind and my soul

You…dismissed my intelligence and suppressed my joy

 His smile exposes his profound love for me

Your scowl revealed undeserved hatred

 He and I are NOW…deeply and spiritually connected in ways words cannot explain.

You…past and where you belong…yesterday!

Yesterday cannot define or touch what is NOW…


12/22/2013 © SereneNSassy Soul