Wanting, Needing More…

As I sit here wondering why…why everything I suppose.

Why did I make the decisions to get me to this place and do I even want to be here?

Why do I want more; I’ve always wanted…more. More than what I have seen, more than what I’ve been taught…

I want to know more than I know.

When enjoying a song, I want more than the artist has chosen to give…

I don’t want more because I’m greedy, I simply have this innate desire to be more than I have ever known myself to be.

I see potential in others and I often see so much more than what they allow themselves to be, or do, or say…

My heart, my soul believes there is sooooo much more to the world, to my existence, to your existence than what we have seen so far.

How can I not want more? Don’t you want more?

Here’s the kicker…what else is there…really?

Love, Peace, & Blessings,

Ayana Theresa

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SereneNSassySoul™️ is a practice focusing on Whole Health, Mind, Body, Heat & Soul. My specialty is assisting You with re-connecting to the deepest parts of Your Heart & Soul to live the very best life You were born to live. Together, we will create a plan to easily integrate within your current lifestyle using Herbs, Essential Oils, Journaling and Energy Healing.

2 thoughts on “Wanting, Needing More…”

  1. We all WANT more. The question is do we need More? They say things happen for a reason but then again we all want to know what that reason is, which is a want..I guess we will never know


    1. I appreciate your time, energy and perspective; thank you. 🙏
      I believe not only do we need more but we DESERVE more. We may never know the entire reason why but…there are messages and wisdom within all of us that provides answers we need. We just need to dive deeper to truly know.


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