Wanting, Needing More…

As I sit here wondering why…why everything I suppose.

Why did I make the decisions to get me to this place and do I even want to be here?

Why do I want more; I’ve always wanted…more. More than what I have seen, more than what I’ve been taught…

I want to know more than I know.

When enjoying a song, I want more than the artist has chosen to give…

I don’t want more because I’m greedy, I simply have this innate desire to be more than I have ever known myself to be.

I see potential in others and I often see so much more than what they allow themselves to be, or do, or say…

My heart, my soul believes there is sooooo much more to the world, to my existence, to your existence than what we have seen so far.

How can I not want more? Don’t you want more?

Here’s the kicker…what else is there…really?

Love, Peace, & Blessings,

Ayana Theresa

Messages from Soul & Spirit

Keep darkness at bay, EmbraceYourFlow™ simply allowing your heart and mind flow as one…

Your Soul speaks through your body; without words but the messages are powerful.

Headache you’ve been battling?

Lower back pain you just can’t seem to get rid of?

Messages, warnings, even pleading from your Soul that you are stepping away from yourself in some way and its directing you back to where you belong…who you are. Pay attention!

Your Spirit is the part of yourself you share with the world. Have you been told that your energy is warm or there’s just something about you that makes others feel comfortable around you? When you are upset, do people come up to you without you saying a word asking, “What’s wrong, are you okay?”

Have you ever met someone and just felt like something is “off” about them even though you could not figure out what?

All are examples of the energy our Spirit projects, sharing ourselves with the world. On a less-than-good-day, my Spirit’s energy may tell others to give me space because internally I’m working on some things. On a “good day” my Spirit’s energy draws people in to perhaps give them a needed boost to help them keep darkness away.

Yes, there are some people who CHOOSE misery instead of peace and their Spirit’s energy is murky and suffocating. Their energy can cause your Spirit’s energy to become the same unless you are aware and take action to make sure you are not affected. We will dive further into this next post…

Take Away…

Be mindful of yourself, care for yourself, put yourself first (no this is not selfish, it’s essential to your well-being) love yourself, forgive yourself, be gentle when necessary and courageously bold when called to be. Know, understand and value your worth! Above all…simply, always be the Beautiful Spirit you have been created to be.

Authentically yours,

Ayana Theresa