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Beautiful Yet Faceless

Faceless Man

I dream of him yet his face is still elusive

I hear his voice, inhale his scent, feel his touch

I see the outline of his body…he’s tall and his body is beautiful

There is no color to his skin; no texture to his hair

He creates with his hands…perhaps an artist

His eyes smile at me…my heart tells me so

My skin yearns for his touch

My heartbeat erupts when he leans in to speak

I will soon learn the identity of my kindred spirit and together we will be Moon and Sun…

© 2014 SereneNSassy Soul
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I want…

I want him to know the scent of my hair

I want him to know the touch of my hand

I want him to know the feel of my skin

I want him to know the thoughts in my mind

I want him to know how I feel inside and out

I want him to know my words before they are spoken

I want him to know my eyes and their stare

I want him to know my whispers; my moans

I want him to share what he feels; what he is afraid to tell

I want him to reveal his highest self and know he’s safe with me

I want him to always want more; always need more of me

I want him to know that his spirit and mine are entwined and out of control…


© SereneNSassy Soul 2014


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No Words Needed…

Most times what’s not said means so much

Most times what you feel means so much

Most times your eyes reveal so much

Most times your touch tells so much

Most times your eyes give away so much

I can smell how much you want me

I can hear how deeply you breathe for me

I can see how much you are drawn to me

Love and Lust







You can feel that I want you same as you want me

You can hear my breath; enticing you to move closer

You touch me and my skin betrays my desire to be unaffected

You…Me…it’s meant to be…

© SereneNSassy Soul 2014


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First Encounter…

Her touch ignites the deepest parts of him awakening each nerve, filling him with raw desire

His eyes pierce through her clearly stating he wants to plunge deep inside of her

His breathing is rapid anticipating an intense feeling from the first touch of her skin

He’s no longer the cool, always in control tower of strength; passion is driving every part of him

He’s giving in to his profound desire of pleasuring all of her…mind, body and beyond her soul

He intends to make his mark in the most hidden parts of her; he knows they will be one after this sensual journey

First touch up the length of her spine…her poise and resistance are lost forever…


 © SereneNSassy Soul 2014Man and His Woman Lock and Key