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Save Your Loved Ones…OPTIONS

This weekend, someone I care about became so overwhelmed dealing with her pain on her own that she decided her only OPTION was to leave this world. She was a Beautiful Spirit; her energy comforting and inspiring. She apparently was an expert hiding her pain because everyone that knew her said she was “happy” and “full of life”. According to everyone there was no indication that she was experiencing internal chaos to the point of no return.

I had not seen her in a few weeks and the last time I saw her she did seem content. At the time of our last connection, I was experiencing my own internal chaos so perhaps I was not as tuned in as I normally am. My grief now with her passing is that I wish someone, if not me could have shown her another OPTION to managing her pain.

I’m always asking everyone to pay attention to loved ones; listen to them and never dismiss their feelings. How you may deal with an issue is not how someone else may be able to; respect their feelings even if you don’t understand them and NEVER, I mean NEVER tell someone to “just get over it and move on”.

In light of this situation, I am wondering how in-tuned with someone you can be if you are experiencing your own issues at the same time. I can remember thinking of this young women and feeling her internal conflict between the choices she had made; some she was not proud of but doing everything she could to make better choices and move forward. She worried constantly (mostly because of religious teachings) that she may never “be right” with God because of past indiscretions. It was difficult because of the people around her and their teachings, to believe God loved her no matter what, God knew her heart was kind and God understood she was trying to make a better life for herself.

options1I think now of the person who told me that contrary to what I believe, everyone does not need support and encouragement to thrive in this world. I respect her perspective but I firmly believe that everyone thrives with support and encouragement; now even more now than ever. I believe we all need someone to listen, I mean really listen; sometimes advise or offer counsel. We were not created to navigate this world alone. We need to know that we are not the only ones experiencing what conflict there may be. While no one else can validate our feelings, it helps to know that you are not alone and it helps to know there are OPTIONS…even when you feel hopeless, there are OPTIONS. Having support, being encouraged helps you access a place within you to create the OPTIONS that will help you get through any internal chaos you may experience.

Again, I wish someone including myself could have helped my young friend access her OPTIONS to escape the pain she was feeling. The feeling in my heart center is not just about her leaving this world, it’s also about the way she decided to leave…the cold and lonely journey she took to leave. I wish she wasn’t alone, I wish she wasn’t dragged down by darkness, I wish she knew how loved she was…is. Perhaps I should have told her how inspiring she was; how her smile and infectious laugh made the dimmest of days bright. Perhaps I should have reminded her of how encouraging her counsel was because you could always feel it coming from her heart; no judgement present.

helping-hand-emotionalNow more than ever I just feel that even when someone pushes us away, we can’t just let them be! I remember being so depressed years ago and not speaking to anyone except during work hours, my Mom would just keep leaving me messages, “I love you and I am here whenever you are ready to let me be.” At the time my internal chaos was so strong there was nothing anyone could say or do to help me, but those messages gave me an OPTION…to keep waking up each day until I could figure how to help myself. You never know how listening or perhaps lending words of kindness can truly be enough to help give someone light through their darkness.

Let’s make a pact to not be consumed by the fear, tragedy and sadness surrounding us in the world today. Let’s work together to create OPTIONS! Lend someone your words of kindness; inspire someone with your actions. Help someone find the strength they need to keep moving forward even when they feel hopeless. No act of kindness is too small.

A couple years ago, a woman in front of me at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru paid for my order without requiring recognition or thank you from me… During that time, I was struggling financially and I knew it was a blessing; it was my light during the darkness I was experiencing. So without much consideration, I used the money I set aside for my breakfast for the person behind me as a way to pay forward the kindness shown to me.

Do what you can and KNOW that it’s enough. Don’t let someone suffer alone; put your hand out and give them a boost up…help them access their OPTIONS. OPTIONS apply to Men and Women. Do NOT assume because physically Men are stronger (in most cases) that they don’t need someone to help them access their OPTIONS!

I’m sending you all the Love and Light I can without depleting my own at this time.

May your outlook be bright and may you always remember you have OPTIONS.

Love, Peace & Blessings…

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Break The Cycle – Our Children

Dearest Beautiful Spirits,

I realize that as humans, our behaviors are mostly indicative of what we’ve been taught by others, but at some point you must begin thinking for yourself and establish your own belief system, values and morals. With that said, please understand it’s unfair to impose your beliefs and/or expectations on others no matter who they are. Children deserve an opportunity to formulate their own beliefs, values, thoughts, and opinions despite whether or not you were afforded an opportunity to do so when you were being raised. BREAK THE CYCLE!

mom encouraging daughter

Just like adults, children need to awaken each New Day with purpose; children need to know they matter. Children need to know they can accomplish anything they are determined to accomplish. Children need to be nurtured, loved and supported despite your personal beliefs about their choices/decisions; despite how you may have been raised. Keep in mind this does not mean you should allow them to run wild and not be mindful of things that may cause harm. Allowing your children to experience the world in a way that feels right for them is essential for them to grow into balanced and productive beings.

children exploring

It is NOT up to you to decide what your children can or cannot accomplish. If your child wants to be a ballerina and you have no idea how this can actually happen, start researching to begin your child’s journey towards being a ballerina. Your children may switch passions regularly until they find something they are willing to stick with, just support them along their journey of exploration.

mom and dad suporting child

You’d be surprised how amazing your children will feel and how far they will go when you give them simple freedom of making their own choices while offering your unconditional love and support. Without this, your child may struggle with self-esteem issues and may settle for a life less than what the Universe has intended; likely spending  their adult years trying to rid themselves of emotional distress.

courageous child

If your parents were not able to offer you unconditional support to assist you with accomplishing your goals, it doesn’t mean that you must do the same with your children. Show interest in things they enjoy doing (yes, even if it’s not interesting to you).  Listen to your children, pay attention to what they do and be mindful of people they label as their friends.

future scientist


If you feel as though your parents did not offer you unconditional love and support, chances are they were unable to because of how they were raised. Accept that your parents did the best they could, then work on healing and releasing how you feel about this so you can BREAK THE CYCLE.

Healing yourself allows you to be a better, more involved, more intuitive parent  and your children will feel safe and supported enough to come to you with anything they may face. If you leave it up to ‘the world’ to teach and/or support them, you will fail your children and yourself.

As always I welcome you to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions, experiences as this post is based upon My truth and My experience; you will apply your own accordingly to figure out what work best for you and your children.

Wishing you Love, Peace & Blessings…





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Fortress Tumbles Down…

Today I pledge to release the fortress surrounding me because it has not done a great job keeping misery out but it has kept joy from entering and STAYING my life.

Trust, Faith…in every message I’ve received during the past couple of weeks; one of the hardest things for me to do because of life experiences. Today I realized that those experiences are past and although I cannot change them, I can learn not to repeat them. Today I also released any blame previously placed upon those who have hurt me; I forgive them and wish them love and light; it’s time for me to move on once and for all.

I’ve made many decisions based on how I felt and the emotions evoked within due to what I was experiencing. For example…

I left a job where I had the freedom to work in a manner best for me. A job that supported my relocation because I needed peace in my life. A job I knew well but kept learning as I went along because I enjoyed what I was doing; helping others. A job that was meaningful. Why did I leave this behind? While I did not need or want praise or special attention, I did deserve support and loyalty from my team and it just wasn’t there. At some point along the way people I thought were my friends, whose jobs I fought to keep (several times) decided that I was not worth their respect and loyalty and the undermining began.

For a long while I was angry with them, then with myself; I should have been stronger. I should not have allowed anyone to mess up what I had but because I feel everything so deeply, my heart felt betrayed and I could not get over what I felt. Loyalty is huge for me and I just allowed the pain of it all to consume me to the point of physical dis-ease; so I made the decision to walk away…

I struggled for a long while after making the decision to leave; a dark time during my life that I will never repeat but I am wiser and stronger from the entire experience. I did shut out the world during my time of darkness but today I pledge to trusting my intuition, allowing it to protect me from those harboring ill intentions (whether consciously or unconsciously). If I allow the “fortress” to remain around me, I will continue blocking beautiful spirits from entering my life. I’ve asked the Universe to connect me with like-minded, beautiful spirits; it would be hypocritical of me to not do my part.

I’m sharing this to let you know that if you are holding on to any hurt or pain, you must let it go so you can fulfill your soul’s purpose, let it go so you can heal and allow prosperity and abundance to flow infinitely into your life. You deserve joy, peace and love so don’t block this energy from your life by keeping the hurt alive.

As always I’m asking you to share your thoughts/experiences so that you can pay the healing forward.
Love, Peace & Blessings…


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She is Rising…

Dearest Beautiful Spirits,

This post is dedicated to a special client whose personal progress and healing journey has been amazing to witness. She asked me to describe her beginning to her current state of transition and these are the words that came to mind. She wanted to share her experience so that anyone experiencing the same will know they are not alone.

Love, Peace & Blessings,

SereneNSassy Soul

She IS Rising…

She’s  felt swept up in  a never ending cycle of storms…hurricanes, tornadoes, even tsunami at time. Her waves flow high and low…

Her depth immearsureable; no one has ever seen Her  beginning or end…not even Her

She’s avoided releasing the storms within until now; She realizes now that She must be who She is authentically at all costs… Life is not worth living hiding “pieces” of Herself

She’s dimmed Her light for far too long; wasting Her energy on so many, never saving much for Herself until now…

She’s denied Her gifts because of what She’s been conditioned to believe by “the world”; they were dormant and now She fights to unleash them to fulfill Her purpose

She was exhausted and tried to give up but Her body and spirit began imploding causing unbearable pain; She had no choice but to concede to Her body and spirit, Her heart and mind

She finally understands She has the power to calm Her storms or increase their velocity depending on the situation She faces; no longer afraid of losing control

She finally accepts Her light and Her darkness; each half completes Her; embracing Her wholeness loving and honoring each part

She knows each moment will not be perfect but nevertheless She will progress along Her journey; not looking backward or forward

She’s unwilling to fall so far again; the “hole” has finally been destroyed

Those who love Her will continue to stand with Her, others will fall back; their choice will be respected no matter what they choose

The Universe has spoken! Her Spirit has spoken! Finally She has attained clarity to be exactly who She was created to be…

What’s different this time around…SHE is the difference, mind, body, spirit, heart!

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Storm In Storm Out

Runaway thoughts
Entangled emotions
Inexplicable feelings
Raw nerves
Prevalent numbness

Deep breath
Reign in thoughts
Create space of gratitude
Breathe deeply
Release tension

Close eyes softly
Inhale deeply
Exhale completely

Fresh start
Inner peace
Surrounded by beauty
Filled with gratitude
Infinite possibilities await…

© 2014 SereneNSassy Soul