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Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

Why are people so offended if you say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas? You cannot force your beliefs or traditions on anyone.

For the record, I do NOT celebrate Christmas; it’s become commercial and has little or any value as far as I am concerned. It’s no longer about faith, tradition and family; it’s all about material gifts.

Many cultures celebrate something around this time; just to name a few…

Pagan/Wiccan Community, Winter Solstice

Jewish Community, Hanukah

Mexican Community, Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe

I say Happy Holidays to honor all cultures and it’s my way of showing compassion and understanding for all people.

I for one cannot be bullied so if you are offended because I do not say Merry Christmas, that is YOUR issue not mine!

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Happy Holidays and many Blessings to everyone!

May blessings of great love and peace overflow within and around you, always…


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Family Time..Season

This post is for all of my Beautiful Sisters and Brothers who may feel alone during the “Holiday Season” what call Family Time Season :-).

Please know you are NEVER alone!

I am a Lone Wolf by nature but sometimes even I feel alone. I am here to tell you to honor yourself, first , second, third and always…

If you feel like being around people, then go ahead and find some folks to have good time with and when you have had enough, remove yourself. You are not obligated to stay longer than you want to. If you decide you want to spend time with just yourself, do it! Enjoy your company, laugh, cry, rest…do whatever you feel like doing in the moment. Perhaps you are like me and want to do both; be with others for a while and spend time with just yourself for a while…do it!

Loneliness is a feeling occurring when we hold on to something  or someone that was but will never be again.

I’ve taught myself to look forward to new experiences, new idea, new people…it helps me relieve the feeling of loneliness I used to carry with me way too often. Try it; teach yourself to look forward to what each New Day has to offer.

So during this time when it seems as though everyone has someone, remember you are YOUR most important someone; act accordingly!

Side Bar: Family is not about who you are linked to by blood; Family is a person or people who love, support, encourage and protect you no matter what circumstances may arise. Be with the person or people who make you feel loved BUT, only if you want to. 😉

To Beautiful Spirits reading this with an abundance of loved ones, please remember to reach out to those you know may not have the same.

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To you all I wish many great blessings and peace during this Family Time Season.


Sending you my Love,

SereneNSassy Soul

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The One…

Loves all of me, leaves his love with me when his physical presence is not possible

Inspires me, encourages me always…

He is loyal and honest

Protective yet freeing

Supportive in every way

Wants me as much as I want him

I am safe with him, always…


Listens, I mean really listens to what I say as well as my silence

Shares with me, never holding back

Steps in embers of passion with me creating a fire that no one else can withstand

He loves to listen to my love song; his description for breaths I take when we’re entwined

He helps me understand and make peace with pain proceeding his presence in my world

He adds purpose and fulfillment to each New Day

He is kind, he is compassionate

He is the very essence of love…


I love the powerful strength I feel when he touches me ever so gently

His scent lingers, long after he’s gone, keeps me company until he returns

The depth and softness of his voice, flows through my ears like a melodic tune

When he stares from across the room, he turns the flame inside of me into a roaring fire

When he smiles at me, the angriest feelings no longer haunt me

For he is The One whose heart rhythm was created to sync with mine

He is whole without me, I am whole without him; together we are perfect balance.

©2017 SereneNSassy Soul

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Save Your Loved Ones…OPTIONS

This weekend, someone I care about became so overwhelmed dealing with her pain on her own that she decided her only OPTION was to leave this world. She was a Beautiful Spirit; her energy comforting and inspiring. She apparently was an expert hiding her pain because everyone that knew her said she was “happy” and “full of life”. According to everyone there was no indication that she was experiencing internal chaos to the point of no return.

I had not seen her in a few weeks and the last time I saw her she did seem content. At the time of our last connection, I was experiencing my own internal chaos so perhaps I was not as tuned in as I normally am. My grief now with her passing is that I wish someone, if not me could have shown her another OPTION to managing her pain.

I’m always asking everyone to pay attention to loved ones; listen to them and never dismiss their feelings. How you may deal with an issue is not how someone else may be able to; respect their feelings even if you don’t understand them and NEVER, I mean NEVER tell someone to “just get over it and move on”.

In light of this situation, I am wondering how in-tuned with someone you can be if you are experiencing your own issues at the same time. I can remember thinking of this young women and feeling her internal conflict between the choices she had made; some she was not proud of but doing everything she could to make better choices and move forward. She worried constantly (mostly because of religious teachings) that she may never “be right” with God because of past indiscretions. It was difficult because of the people around her and their teachings, to believe God loved her no matter what, God knew her heart was kind and God understood she was trying to make a better life for herself.

options1I think now of the person who told me that contrary to what I believe, everyone does not need support and encouragement to thrive in this world. I respect her perspective but I firmly believe that everyone thrives with support and encouragement; now even more now than ever. I believe we all need someone to listen, I mean really listen; sometimes advise or offer counsel. We were not created to navigate this world alone. We need to know that we are not the only ones experiencing what conflict there may be. While no one else can validate our feelings, it helps to know that you are not alone and it helps to know there are OPTIONS…even when you feel hopeless, there are OPTIONS. Having support, being encouraged helps you access a place within you to create the OPTIONS that will help you get through any internal chaos you may experience.

Again, I wish someone including myself could have helped my young friend access her OPTIONS to escape the pain she was feeling. The feeling in my heart center is not just about her leaving this world, it’s also about the way she decided to leave…the cold and lonely journey she took to leave. I wish she wasn’t alone, I wish she wasn’t dragged down by darkness, I wish she knew how loved she was…is. Perhaps I should have told her how inspiring she was; how her smile and infectious laugh made the dimmest of days bright. Perhaps I should have reminded her of how encouraging her counsel was because you could always feel it coming from her heart; no judgement present.

helping-hand-emotionalNow more than ever I just feel that even when someone pushes us away, we can’t just let them be! I remember being so depressed years ago and not speaking to anyone except during work hours, my Mom would just keep leaving me messages, “I love you and I am here whenever you are ready to let me be.” At the time my internal chaos was so strong there was nothing anyone could say or do to help me, but those messages gave me an OPTION…to keep waking up each day until I could figure how to help myself. You never know how listening or perhaps lending words of kindness can truly be enough to help give someone light through their darkness.

Let’s make a pact to not be consumed by the fear, tragedy and sadness surrounding us in the world today. Let’s work together to create OPTIONS! Lend someone your words of kindness; inspire someone with your actions. Help someone find the strength they need to keep moving forward even when they feel hopeless. No act of kindness is too small.

A couple years ago, a woman in front of me at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru paid for my order without requiring recognition or thank you from me… During that time, I was struggling financially and I knew it was a blessing; it was my light during the darkness I was experiencing. So without much consideration, I used the money I set aside for my breakfast for the person behind me as a way to pay forward the kindness shown to me.

Do what you can and KNOW that it’s enough. Don’t let someone suffer alone; put your hand out and give them a boost up…help them access their OPTIONS. OPTIONS apply to Men and Women. Do NOT assume because physically Men are stronger (in most cases) that they don’t need someone to help them access their OPTIONS!

I’m sending you all the Love and Light I can without depleting my own at this time.

May your outlook be bright and may you always remember you have OPTIONS.

Love, Peace & Blessings…

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It took a while but I finally understand the true definition of “family”. For most of my life I believed family was defined as people you share a bloodline with; extended family as married to someone you share a bloodline with. Funny thing is I don’t know many of the people who share my bloodline outside of immediate members.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I’ve never really felt accepted by the people who share the same bloodline as me; all of the disappointments, hurtful moments and the enjoyable moments. I’ve been undergoing an Acupuncture Divergent Treatment and it forces you to deal with everything good, bad or indifferent; it’s been very uncomfortable at times but mostly therapeutic and enlightening. Discovering who you are authentically as well as where you truly belong is a profound experience that’s led me to the true meaning of family.

Your family is made of people who unconditionally love and accept you as you are authentically. Those who nurture, encourage and inspire you. Your family members are the beautiful spirits who although imperfect, their actions and intentions are never malicious, selfish or judgemental. Family holds you up when you can’t do it alone; they celebrate your accomplishments without jealousy.

With family you are safe to simply be you and it’s always ok…

To each member of my family…I love and appreciate you for standing by me even when I was not strong enough to stand up for myself and long before I understood who I am and my true purpose for being here.

My family is growing as I clear out the “crap” and make room for magical happenings and beautiful spirits to come into my life. The Universe always has a plan whether you understand it or not; I am truly blessed that the Universe’s plan is much more powerful than any mistake I’ve made.

Identify and cherish your family and remember…just because you share a bloodline doesn’t mean you’re family.

Love, Peace & Blessings Beautiful Spirits…

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My Mother, a Beautiful Soul…

Such an old cliché but so true…you never miss what you’ve had until it’s gone!

My Mom came to visit me last Wednesday because she was worried I’ve been stressing myself to the point of emotional destruction. Mom came to check on her “Baby Girl” because of her unconditional love for me. I’m not sure there is another love in the Universe that can match the unconditional love a mother has for her child(ren). Even in the animal kingdom, a mother protects and nurtures her offspring without contemplation.

Prior to this visit I was unable to truly appreciate the differences between Mom and I; I even figured she would never love and accept me as I am because of how different we are. Mom is a “tell it like it is” person while I will avoid confrontation and/or hurting someone’s feelings as often as possible. Most times I am Felix Unger; Mom is more like Oscar Madison! LOL

For the past few months I’ve been distant from everyone including Mom. It’s natural for me to shut out the world when stress emotionally drains me and makes me feel hopeless. Throughout my “madness”, Mom never gave up on me and no matter how many times I ignored her calls; she would keep reaching out to me. She would leave messages expressing how much she loved me and that she understood why I would not return her calls. During my “madness” I could not see how selfish I was being but shutting out the one person who has always loved me, just as I am.

During Mom’s visit our connection exceeded anything previous between us. It was comforting having her here to help settle my nerves and battle my stress.  It was wonderful to share my secrets again with my very best friend; one that will keep my secrets and not tear me down in my face or behind my back. We laughed, we spoke about serious issues and we shared our dreams and plans of action. It felt so good to share myself with someone I can trust completely. Mom’s smile told me that she was pleased we were able to restore our connection and this alone eased the months of emotional discomfort I’ve been struggling with alone.

You only get one Mom and she is someone to treasure no matter what else may happen during your life. Never take her for granted; never push her away. Your Mom will always have your back and most importantly, your front! I love my Mom even more today than I can recall from our past. She is an unmatched blessing in my life and I will remember to thank God each day for such a Beautiful Soul…My Mom.