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WorthyNWishful Wednesday

Happy WorthyNWishful Wednesday Beautiful Spirits!

A bit anxious this morning…more unexpected but essential life changes. To release anxiety I used aromatherapy and a few acupressure points; within ten minutes my inner peace was restored.

I accept what is and release anything that does not serve my highest self.

I welcome self-compassion, self-love and faith.

Wishing you a peaceful and productive day.

Love, Peace & Blessings…


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The Present IS What Matters…

Good Morning Beautiful Spirits!

Here is our affirmation for today:

Today I am peaceful and content; I will leave yesterday where it is, tomorrow where it will be and I will only experience the present moment.

If you feel anxious, if your mind is busy and you cannot seem to concentrate, if you feel some kind of way but not sure why…you are reliving the past or trying to plan the future. You cannot change the past nor can you create the future so why torture yourself? Life is about the present moment..feeling, enjoying, breathing, laughing and knowing.

living in the moement

If your thoughts are not creating a better space for you to live in, harmful to others or serve no real purpose…DISCARD THEM IMMEDIATELY! Contrary to what many believe life was not created to be difficult; life was created by the Universe for us to enjoy and appreciate…in the present moment.

If at any point you realize you are no longer in the present moment, close your eyes and take a few deep inhalations and exhalations. When you feel ready open your eyes and look around you; name at least five things you see and this will return you to the present moment (thank you to Sonia Choquette for sharing this technique).

I have faith in YOU; YOU can do this! Go ahead enjoy the present moment…let go and live!

Wishing you great Love, Peace & many many Blessings…

eagle soaring