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Similies in Love…

I want him to love me…like the Earth loves the Sun

I want him to appreciate me like…flowers anxiously awaiting Spring

I want him to help me thrive like…Bees transporting pollen

I want to fill his soul with joy like…rain ending a drought for dessert dwellers

I want us to compliment each other like…lightening does with thunder

I want him to be the wind within my hurricane; if ever a threat comes to meet us

I want our passion constantly igniting like…an uncontrollable wildfire…too hot for anyone else

I want our loyalty, honor and understanding to flow deeper than any ocean

I want him to protect our connection like…a lion protects his pride

Within our union I want both of us to be free like…beautiful, strong and fearless eagles…

©️SereneNSassySoul 2018

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Saying vs Meaning

Things people say and what they sometimes actually mean, albeit most times unintentionally…

Be strong, be courageous, speak your mind, don’t take crap from anyone…just don’t be this way with me.

Learn to say no and always put your needs first…just don’t be this way with me.

Be all you can be, never stop chasing your dreams…just don’t surpass where I am in my life.

I love and accept you just as you are…just maybe change this or that; just as long as you do things MY way.

Always keep it real no matter what…just as long as what you say or do doesn’t make me uncomfortable.

I’ve always got your back…just as long as someone doesn’t offer me a better deal.

Honor yourself always and pay attention to what you feel…just get over it already and deal with it; life is hard!

Sure you should have others friends that share your interests, I’m not jealous…just as long as when I call for you you come running.

I’m not in competition with you at all, you are my friend…just as long as I don’t see a chance to shine and leave you in the dust!

You are free to do as you please, live your life…just as long as you allow me to control the parts I want to.

There’s no way you can actually make that work…I live my life full of fear, how dare you be brave trying to achieve your goals.

I remember spending so much time seeking approval from various people in my life, yet wondering why it seemed as though I needed to constantly prove myself to have their love. I lost so much of myself at one point, looking in the mirror staring at a stranger. Always trying to please those whose approval I wanted, thought I needed. Always  trying to be the obedient and loyal daughter, employee, girlfriend/wife…

Although I’ve always walked to the beat of my own drum, I craved acceptance from people I loved; at the very least for them to love and accept me same as I felt for them. I realize they all loved me as best as they could. People often don’t realize how their words/actions may adversely affect someone whether intentional or not. Replacing judgement and/or a need to control with mindfulness when connecting with others will go a long way with improving communication within any relationship.

Approval of anyone outside of yourself should never be necessary for your to make your own choices. Honor yourself always by trusting what you feel about a situation/person and make your choice based on this not what someone else may think; no matter who the person is. You are NOT your mother or father, sister or brother… therefore you are not required to make the decisions they would make.

I always hear the term “follow your heart”… it’s usually spoken by people who are successful in their chosen profession, relationships, spiritual, personal self etc. and it used to aggravate me until now…

Now, at this very moment I understand the benefits of following your heart. Your heart is your truest, highest self. It’s the part of you that you’ve pushed away and perhaps buried because of life experienced that were uncomfortable. It’s the part you used to consult before you did anything when you were a child. It’s the part of you that always knows what  and who is best for you. It’s your compass and it’s your guru; the part of you that contains all of the answers you need.

My Dear, the answers you seek, the answers you need are only contained within you, never outside of you. Others can offer tidbits, maybe even a starting point for you but you must go deep within to access the answers that will assist with living the life you were created to live.

Today I don’t rely on what others think or any unsolicited advice they may give unless it resonates with me (which for me means it comes from a higher Source). I don’t wait for approval from anyone before I make a decision about MY life. I don’t allow what people say about me affect who I am. The only person that stands in my way or prevents me from doing anything is me… I am the only challenge I face from time to time; even facing myself is becoming easier each day.

***Cheers to honoring yourself and living the life you know you are meant to live.***

Wishing you all great Love, Peace & Blessings…


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After a long hiatus, as I drove today, I felt my soul stirring. I felt warm and vibrant, sort of a foreign feeling because it’s been a while.  My feelings have been dormant, nil, gone, lost… Even feeling my soul stirring today was not as strong as I’ve experienced previously; it was quiet, calm but I felt it nonetheless; I finally felt something…

Hearing his voice today stirred my soul; it was as if I was re-awakening. My skin soft and supple, my breath deep and full, my smile serene and alive, my vibration soft yet strong… I feel sensually peaceful and blessed to be alive for this experience and although unsure of where it will lead, excited about the possibilities…


I listened to His voice soothing, sweetly melodic but I realized that it’s not about him per say, he’s the one who reminds me how deeply I can feel and that it’s safe to allow myself to feel. I read something yesterday that mentioned, when you close yourself in an effort to protect yourself or deal with life, you also cut off your ability to love and your creativity. Explains why I haven’t created anything nor have I felt inspired in a long while.

Closing myself off was the only way I knew how to protect myself from feeling too much of things that caused me dis-ease. I’m intelligent enough to understand that I can’t feel great every moment of every day but I was having too many negative moments so I shut down, almost completely. Shutting down provides protection of sorts but it means being only a shell of who I truly am; I was unfulfilled in protective mode even more so than I was just being me.

So back to Him, my long time inspiration… I was worried because I had not been missing Him, didn’t feel a need to hear him or see him even though he’s been The One for as long as I can remember. Years ago, He was the reason I began writing and feeling again after a long period of despair. I’ve often thought of him as my muse, friend and at times I was in and out of love with him; in and out of denial about my feelings for him; sure but unsure about my feelings so I shut down, shut him out and moved on, albeit to nowhere.

My internal dialogue, “Just let yourself feel and flow; don’t think too much and don’t hold on to anything.” Pretty sure I’ll never be the same again but reconnecting with myself, my true self feels so amazing why would I want to return to the shell of me? I love who I am now so ready or not world, here I am!

As always sending you Love, Peace & Blessings during your journey Beautiful Spirits…


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Spilled Thoughts 04/18/2015

Greeting Beautiful Spirits!

I never knew anyone could make me feel what he makes me feel and thanks to him I have a clear understanding of what Love truly is. Love feels wonderful, uplifting; never painful. Love is not perfect but it certainly makes you the best you can possibly be offering lessons and blessings to learn and grow with.

Let’s be clear loving another will not complete you; that work must be done before Love can happen. You must be whole, loving and accepting yourself unconditionally before you can experience Love; I will leave you ponder this based on your experiences.

What is your definition of Love? Will you share your Love experience? Each experience is different but at it’s core Love is beautiful.

Here are my spilled thoughts and as always I’d love to hear from you.

It’s him; there is only him

My heart craves him

I need to see his smile, inhale his scent, feel his skin, hear his voice

Nothing and no one fills the void his absence creates

I don’t feel like speaking with anyone, really

I don’t want to go anywhere, really

I just want him to talk with; to be with

Enveloped within his love, support, encouragement…

I’m whole without him but a better me with him

His presence calms and stokes the fire within me

I can go at it alone but there is no reason to

I feel him deeply in the middle of my chest; his happiness, peace, chaos…

I’ve spent too much of this lifetime without him

Our time is now, forever thereafter

I’m ready…I’m finally ready for all of him…

© SereneNSassySoul 2015

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I wish you were here…

I wish you were here…

to listen and not judge how I feel

to hold me and wipe away my tears

to help me navigate and figure out what it all means

to help get through this chaotic period in my life

to comfort me and help me see that everything will work out as it should

to remind me to keep my faith strong

to remind me that I am courageous; I’ve made it this far

to remind me that someone loves and accepts me unconditionally

to speak with me so I don’t have to wonder what you might say

to lean on physically; I feel so weak as if I will fall at any moment

to smile at me and look into my eyes; my spirit cannot hide from you

to walk with me and hold my hand; your touch soothes me

to sit quietly with me; our spirits connect without words

to explain things I just don’t understand so I can move forward

I wish you were here…your essence inspires me and I’m not sure I can continue without you.

© 2014 SereneNSassy Soul

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Beautiful Yet Faceless

Faceless Man

I dream of him yet his face is still elusive

I hear his voice, inhale his scent, feel his touch

I see the outline of his body…he’s tall and his body is beautiful

There is no color to his skin; no texture to his hair

He creates with his hands…perhaps an artist

His eyes smile at me…my heart tells me so

My skin yearns for his touch

My heartbeat erupts when he leans in to speak

I will soon learn the identity of my kindred spirit and together we will be Moon and Sun…

© 2014 SereneNSassy Soul