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Love Rekindled

Writing was becoming tedious and downright undesirable, albeit my first love, our relationship was floundering with no reconciliation in sight. Writing was always therapeutic for me and allowed me to communicate much more efficiently than I’ve ever been able to do verbally. People who could not really relate to me when we spoke, could somehow understand the meaning behind my jumbled verbal communication after reading my words.
Truthfully, I write what my heart and spirit feel at the time which is why long ago I decided against becoming a journalist; the words are not always available and topics cannot be chosen for me.
Somewhere along the way I was convinced that writing should be a “business” for me because I have a way with words (whatever that means). I was desperate to leave the corporate world so I began writing what people claimed to be hot topics. I even learned how to use hash tags (well sort of, oh well) but it was difficult to create content and after a while I pretty much stopped writing all together. Uninspired, suffering from a creative drought, not being true to myself and still not gaining the readership “they” claimed I would if only I would change my content and stop using “fancy words” (what the hell are fancy words?), my relationship with writing seemed to be ending…
Although I’d invested most of my life to the one thing I could always count on, I was ready to give up; why bother no one reads anyway? As always, the Universe had other plans and recently, I’ve been receiving the same message to my question, “What is my purpose and how can I fulfill this purpose?” Write, share yourself, inspire, encourage, support…Do not focus on likes/dislikes, promotional gimmicks or the number of “followers” you gain/lose, just write! The ones who can learn from your words will find them. Just write, write from your heart; use the gift you were given and you will fulfill your purpose. Over and over again the Universe delivered this message to me but until now I could not connect all of the dots.
It was difficult to stay motivated without support, inspiration, feedback (good, bad, indifferent; it’s all important). Now I understand, what matters most is for ME to support my work, never stop searching for inspiration and keep myself motivated. Well writing and I have rekindled our love affair and the blockage in my heart has been scraped away…
It’s never been about anyone else, writing has always been for me; it’s my thing, my very first and truest love. When I write all is right with the world; when I’m done whatever troubles I may have had are released at the end. Writing is my comfort, my therapy, my soul food, my expression, my friend… Giving up our relationship is PREPOSTEROUS but it just seemed easier than trying to figure out what the hell was going on and cheaper than visiting a therapist (LoL).
I share this to say, be true to yourself; don’t deny yourself anything that feels right because it may not fit into what the rest of the world is doing. Denying any part of yourself, ignoring messages of your spirit, your heart will kill you slowly. We are not meant to live lesser lives; we have been created to flourish, use our gifts to create positive ripples in this world and most of all to fulfill our purpose.
As always, Love, Peace & Blessings…
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What the hell was I thinking?!?

I was so sure I wanted to be a freelance writer so I began looking for gigs; even landed a few. I love a challenge, never have a problem adhering to deadlines and I have no greater love than writing so this should have been a piece of cake right? WRONG! Writing as a “job” sucks! Their rules, their topics, their deadlines; writing as a “job” is regimented and I write when my spirit is touched…what I feel. I don’t feel something I can put into words every day and I certainly don’t feel anything about a topic someone else chooses. Seems I forgot that in school I always protested against paper topics chosen by my teachers/professors and often talked them into giving me a chance to meet their standards writing about something that resonated with me. While I wasn’t always successful making them see things my way…I am proud to say that most times I was allowed to write “my way”.

write from your heartSo what made me think I could write for someone else years later…perhaps feeling a desperate need to build readership? Lesson learned…anything done out of desperation almost never turns out the way you “need” it to! Make no mistake, I am not bitter because I was rejected; on the contrary the writing pieces I’ve submitted were well received but freelance writing is just not for me. I’d rather write from my heart, write about what stirs my spirit and have readers who can relate to or at least feel what I am writing. I love writing because it is the purest form of expression for an introvert like me; how can I ever let someone dictate what I write about?

Follow your passion…something I believe in completely so I’ve decided to publish a novel I’ve been writing for the past few years. I will also continue to write poetic verses and share empowering posts. I am in control and I will become as successful as I wish to be. I am confident and will be true to my craft so enjoy my words or keep it moving…

To everyone taking time to read my words and/or share your thoughts…please know that I genuinely appreciate you!

Love, Peace & Blessings…

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Spotlight…Author Antonio Harris

Recently I was granted the honor of speaking with my favorite author, Antonio Harris. I asked…he answered, without hesitation and despite his hectic schedule. Antonio has inspired me to rekindle my love for writing and for this he will always have a special place in my heart.

Enjoy Antonio’s soul stirring, insightful poetry and short stories. I never knew a man could express himself so deeply and honestly; Antonio is a breath of fresh air. The bar is set fellas so you need to pay attention to what Antonio has to say and how he says it!

SNS: Where is your favorite place to create?

Author Antonio: A place where there is minimal noise, I like being at home at times to write or even better if it is a nice sunny warm day outside I might head to the park.

SNS: Do you listen to certain music while you are creating? If yes what makes this music special enough to inspire your creation?

Author Antonio: I would say at times I will listen to music to help motivate me to write. Something mellow, relaxing just easy on the ears where I could let my thoughts flow, nothing hardcore overbearing where it is a big distraction.


SNS: When did you begin writing? What prompted you to begin writing?

Author Antonio: I am going to say that I been writing since sophomore year of high school. Actually my English class, the type of projects we had to do allow me to be expressive with my words. Many people just kind of blew it off, say what you want but I like the idea of writing. It helps me for sure to show my individuality and show how I am inside as a person.


SNS: Men are not freely expressive but you seem to have a comfort level with translating your thoughts into words, describe the process.

Author Antonio: I agree. I still have trouble with this but like you mentioned I do have a comfort level to express what is on my mind. I feel like writing rather than talking to people at times, allow me to say what is on my mind without the negative commentary I would get talking to a person. Now I am not saying I want to avoid constructive criticism there is a difference. Things, feelings, people or past memories can trigger me to write at any time.

SNS: What if anything do you feel when you are creating?

Author Antonio: I have a good feeling most of the time, it is like I block out the rest of the moment where ever I may be and let the thoughts flow out. Is that good or bad not sure, there are times where I write and then go back and re-read what I wrote and ask myself did I write that.


SNS: What is your favorite subject to write about?

Author Antonio: I mostly write about my relatable experiences, I also like to write about other topics as well to change my content up a bit.

SNS: Has anyone person inspired you to write? If yes who and give a brief description.

Author Antonio: I would have to say my mom. She is the person that I respect the most, who works hard every single day, even when she does not feel like it I admire and look up to her and the things she has accomplished. From her getting her degree to raising a family, it is quite a bit inspiration in that. I seem to feed off real life experiences.

SNS: I’ve had favorite pens and notebooks to write my treasures do you have tools dedicated for writing?

Author Antonio: Not really. As long as I can get my hands on a pen and some paper I would call it good.

SNS: When you feel creatively blocked, what can you do to release your block?

Author Antonio: Go for a walk maybe in the park to clear my head, seems like I do this most often.

SNS: I find inspirations in the strangest places, how about you?

Author Antonio: Yes this is true for me as well. I can be at work and an idea can pop up in my head then I feel that I need to hurry and write it down.

Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite pieces written by Antonio, “UNAMED”

I love the way God makes you shine

I love how you are pure divine

what can this be that I do seek

is it real or is fate just messing with me…

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Please support and stay connected with Author Antonio Harris, a brilliant, creative writer; also a wonderful son and brother.

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I Need You to Listen…

I need your input, I can’t make this work on my own…I need you to listen.

I can’t completely open my heart to you if we don’t connect…I need you to listen.

I will shut down and give up if we cannot communicate…I need you to listen.

I need you to understand how your words and actions evoke my emotions…I need you to listen.

My best friend should know the difference between my needs and wants…I need you to listen.

I will not bombard you as soon as you walk in but at some point…I need you to listen.

I’m sexually insatiable and passionate, I need you to match my intensity…I need you to listen.

I want our union to be everlasting, I don’t want to walk away…I need you to listen.

I’ve been attentive with you but at this very moment…I need you to listen.

A successful relationship requires effective communication. Communication is a two-way process; you must share, listen and do both well. Most people are not good listeners which leads to failed communication. Break the cycle…become a great listener.


P.S. This poem was first released and feature on Author Jonell George’s Blog check it out

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